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Home Made Indicators


You will be doing this homework in your kitchen at home. Please ask
before you start and remember to work safely.

You will be making your own indicator solution from materials you find at home.
You will use these to test pH of various household substances.
Pick Only one from the list below

Strong Tea Indicator

You will need to make a very strong tea solution. Allow it to cool before using.

Red Cabbage or Beetroot Indicator

Heat a red cabbage leaf or a piece of beetroot in a saucepan for 5 minutes.
Allow it to cool before using.

What to do:-

1. Chose a range of substances ( at least 8) found in your house to use in
your test. These might include: milk, bath salts, lemon juice, vinegar,
rhubard juice, lemonade, cleaning fluids, coca-cola.

2. Make a solution of each test substance. Test each substance twice, once
with indicator paper, and once with your homemade indicator. (choose one
from above).

3. Copy the following into your books leaving enough room for all the test
substances. Complete the table with your results and show if your substance
was acid, alkali or neutral.

Name of substance tested colour of home made indicator colour of universal indicator paper

4. Many poisons are strong acids or strong alkalis. How could you use your
homemade indicators to stop being poisoned.